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Like most people, you want to be in your bliss while doing a job you love. In reality, unhealthy thoughts and feelings at work can destroy your focus, clarity and productivity and induce stress-related illnesses.

80% of your 60,000 daily thoughts are negative judgments, expectations, guilt and fears. It only makes sense that they can cause your physical, mental and emotional health to become unbalanced.

Awareness is half the battle.

Bring an interactive, accessible and fun new way for you and your co-workers to learn about Colour Psychology. Once you know which thought/feeling is the strongest and which is the weakness, change can begin to happen immediately. Imagine how the happiness, productivity and communication of your staff members could soar with just a single session!

After 20+ years in the industry, Angela can guarantee her colourful hands-on tools will start to shift views with your staff from your first session together.

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Introduce colour psychology to your team with a quick, colourful and fun employee engagement. The information will be useable immediately for both personal and professional improvements..



A private questionnaire about your likes and dislikes will be emailed to you for completion. Simply email back Angela with the completed answers. Once she enters your details into the colour software program, your complete detailed Colour Personality report will be emailed to you!

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Let’s Live Life Colourfully!