Angela Dacey
Professional Speaker & Emcee

Angela is so electric on stage that she instantly mesmerizes an audience and draws them to her. She has a special ability to connect emotionally with every person in the room while delivering gems of wisdom that shift their thinking, ignite their passion and inspire them to action. Finding a speaker who is fabulous in both stage presence and content is rare.

A must hire for any event!
— Cindy Ashton, CEO of Minerva Enterprises Booking Agency and Award-Winning TV host

“I have been told I’m a natural on stage and in front of a camera. I credit this because of a high school incident in grade 11.  I was running for Minister of Social Affairs for my school Parliament when I completely goofed my speech on stage and made the whole school laugh – not with me but at me. At the time I had no idea why they were laughing.

I remember thinking afterwards, once I had realized my mistake that I didn’t die. I didn’t melt. I didn’t crumble. I made a mistake and in the end, I won the position and crushed the job.

Since that day, I have grown as a speaker, presenter and Emcee and love being able to make an audience laugh for whatever the reason as well as inspire, motivate and grow in themselves and their business.

My joy is speaking with using colour as a tool. It’s an easy way for an audience to connect, have fun and grow.”


Last night I had the pleasure of attending an event where Angela was the MC and I was so thrilled to be there. Angela brought her trademark humour and endearing personality to the stage, making all of the speakers as well as the event host feel at ease, and especially connecting with the audience. Angela owns the stage as an MC. A job well done!
— Merav Richter, Best-Selling Author, Philosopher and TEDx Speaker.

Select Clients Have Included:

Sklar Wilton & Associates
Bereaved Families of Ontario Halton/Peel Region
Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario
Southlake Regional & North York General Hospital
Vaughan Mills Mall
Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners
Newmarket & Aurora Chamber of Commerce

Not sure where to start?

See the top 3 topics clients book Angela to address in corporate settings, at personal development events and in keynote speeches:

Colour DNA

Why do we expect a group of employees from the Custodian to the CEO to be able to work and communicate with ease if they do not understand what makes each other tick on an in-depth level?
With a diverse, new generation of employees having different values, creative expressions, work ethics and learning styles entering our work force, it is imperative that companies collaborate with all co-workers to learn everyone’s “Colour DNA”.
Colour DNA is a radical new way to dive into a person’s missions, challenges, vocabulary and direction using the seven colours of the rainbow for a fun, insightful workshop or day of learning. The results will stay within each person for a lifetime and prove to enhance relationships both professionally and personally.


Detox Your Thoughts™ with a Crayon Box!

Imagine turning your stress into joy or fear into passion by using colour as a tool?  With having up to 60,000 thoughts per day and 80% of them being negative, we are hurting our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self consistently.
With understanding the powerful affect of the seven colours of the rainbow on our health, we have an amazing power to begin changing our 60,000 thoughts/day to the positive.
Learn how to understand colour and begin to live life colourfully by detoxing your thoughts with the colours in a crayon box.


WHOLEistic marketing™

80% of small businesses fail within the first 18 months! Yahoooo! That’s great news because we need to fail and fail miserably in order to succeed.
It takes time to become a successful entrepreneur and when you learn how to market WHOLEistically, chances for success are much greater.
Understand how to pinpoint your perfect market by looking inward for your passions, values and goals. Learn how to market your business with the smallest amount of money when you are aligned to the outcome. This one talk by Angela will heighten your chances of making you one of the 20% that survive being an entrepreneur.

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Feel more Passion • Joy • Courage • Balance • Truth • Inner Peace • Belief • Self Love
Let’s Live Life Colourfully!