With Retail Sales …

When a customer steps into your store, their goal is to obtain and/or share happiness through their purchase – and you work hard to make that happen. As their salesperson, you show genuine interest in their decisions and help them determine their needs while overcoming their objections. The last thing you want is for a customer to leave empty-handed, feeling like a loser for not being able to make a simple decision or judging themselves negatively for wasting their own time.

Chances are they won’t ever come back.

Wouldn’t you rather they leave happy and weighed down with merchandise instead, by leveraging powerful success tools that your competition is overlooking?

Through discovering the seven basic thoughts and feelings associated with Colour Psychology, you can learn how to influence sales to boost your profitability. Your customers will appreciate your thoroughness and the depth of your product knowledge. They will feel in control of the sales process and leave excited about their final purchases. Plus, they will brag to others that you gave them the BEST service!

Not sure where to start?

watch Decorating with a Purpose
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Learn how imperative understanding colour psychology is to retail sales. Customers will feel acknowledged and supported and sales staff will have knowledge over the competition.

lunch and learn

Introduce colour psychology to your team with a quick, colourful and fun employee engagement. The information will be useable immediately for both personal and professional improvements.

in-person consultation

Angela will either come to your place of business or participate in online video calls to assess your situation and provide immediate guidance and direction.

Call Angela at 905-853-0020 or email for more information.

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