Personal One-On-One Session

Personal One-On-One Session


Angela’s clients have been quoted as saying, “One hour with Angela has been better than a year of counselling.”  Within a one hour session, Angela has the ability to talk to her client, listen to their concerns and pin point exact issues which are causing the client to "feel stuck in life."  Angela maintains an extremely positive outlook, while she excels at honing her ability to see within life's struggles and address the cause rather than the symptoms.

The majority of her clients are women between the ages of 35-50 who have felt “stuck” in life.  Whether it be finding their passion, enhancing their relationships, overcoming life long fears, learning how to set boundaries of self-respect or just receiving guidance in that moment in time.  Angela connects to each person's individuality and is only satisfied if each client obtains a sense of relief, or direction and support. 

Putting pieces of the puzzle together for clients with her years of experience, Angela advises and teaches using the chakra system, colour therapy and alternative health options.

She is a great resource within York Region to many alternative health practitioners who can assist people on their path to wellness.

In addition, Angela is clearly connected to ‘the other side’ and sees her gift as a blessing to help people connect with angels, guides and past loved ones for more in-depth messages about her client’s path in life.  Her gift is to pass on the message from the other side that it is filled with love and light, and waiting to help us with all of our needs. Angela has helped people release fears they have of connecting with their angels and guides as well as bringing a sense of comfort to people in their time of grief. 

Sessions are booked by Zoom, Skype, Facetime or in person.

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Angela Is Exceptional

As a person who has periodically sought help, and, especially as a person who has worked in the field of Mental Health Counseling, I can say that Angela is an exceptional counselor. She used her intuition, knowledge, and personal insight to help me, and her advice was accurate and perfectly timed. I attribute Angela with helping me move into a place of balance and self love. I would, and do, recommend Angela to anyone.
Fiona Stevenson

An Angel in Disguise

An angel in disguise describes Angela Dacey perfectly. I have not only had the pleasure to work with Angela but I have been a client as well as have taken many of her courses. Her intuitiveness is spot on and her concern and compassion for her clients and colleagues is genuine. Under Angela’s tutelage I have grown leaps and bounds landing firmly on my path in holistic health. 

Thank you Angela for being who you are, authentically you!!
Natalie Muir

Angela is authentic, honest and extremely helpful

Angela is authentic, honest and extremely helpful. I was stuck in a certain area in my life and Angela was able to listen without judgement, understand my feelings and give me sound advice. Angela is able to get you "unstuck" by providing helpful suggestions in order to find balance in your life and chakras. She uses color therapy as a tool and intuitively guides you to the answers you need to help in any area of your life. I enjoyed her sessions and recommend her services. Thank you Angela! I feel so much better and lighter! You Rock! Thanks for your compassion and understanding.
Maria Gonyea