Orange Carnelian Angel Pendant Necklace

Orange Carnelian Angel Pendant Necklace


Your new angel pendant embodies ORANGE colour therapy to lift your spirits in happiness and joy. Your angels encourage you to live in present moment and enjoy all of life’s blessings.

These sterling silver angel pendants are each on an 18' necklace and personally made by artist Stan Tait from Ontario, Canada.

You will also receive a 4x6 custom, printed colour therapy art card, by artist Sue Tait, with your healing colour description on the back, by colour psychology expert, Angela Dacey.

Live Life Colourfully!

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Stone Type: Carnelian Gemstone
Metal Type : .925 Sterling Silver
Includes a 18" Chain
Actual Size 1" high by 5/8" wide


Red - Garnet
Orange - Carnelian
Yellow - Citrine
Green - Jade
Blue - Lapis Lazuli
Indigo - Iolite
Violet - Amethyst
Pink - Rose Quartz
White - Mother of Pearl

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Angels Working Their Magic.

The Story of how these Colourful Angel Pendants Manifested

I was in a little town of Bracebridge, Ontario and told to visit the Clock Tower to see amazing artists and their galleries. While I was there, a photographer I was speaking saw my tattoo, which says, “BELIEVE” and said, “You have to meet Stan Tait”! I followed the prompting and walked 5 steps across the hall to find a happy looking man in his 60s working away on his silver jewelry behind a counter while bopping to music from his headphones. While he was lost in his task and the music I looked around his gallery. His silver jewelry seemed so familiar. Plus, there were gorgeous pictures of colourful artwork in between the designs.

Stan looked up and with a big smile, greeted me. That started an hour and a half conversation. From finding out he is a Reiki Master, musician, jewelry designer and been in business for 44 years (my angel number) I also learned his wife loves colour therapy and is the featured artist I enjoyed viewing.

Our synchronicities were constant, including our love and belief in angels. When he confided his story of how his special angel pendant came into reality, I knew immediately I recognized the design. It was not only sold in a store down the street from me in 2001, People’s Jewelers represented it for years. As a person who was called the “Angel Lady”, while owning my store Heaven & Earth, I was completely captured by the power and simplicity of this design. Plus, Stan told me story after story of people who have had phenomenal experiences after wearing the necklace. I was in my happy space. Sharing angelic stories, talking about colour therapy and feeling like Stan and I were meant to meet.

Then he said an amazing thing to me. “Angela, last week I asked the universe to send me someone who understood this language and the purpose of this angel while knowing how to market a product like this. You see, I’ve sold over 70,000 angels in 17 years and I want to reach my goal of 1 million. I also would like to retire with my wife soon and put my trust in someone special to carry on this task. I believe we need to work together. This angel needs to spread love, hope and inspiration for years to come”. I was shocked and honoured. My response was, “Stan, last week I was walking and speaking to my Dad who passed away 4 years ago. I asked my Dad to show me the next project while my courses gained momentum online. I also asked my Dad to provide me with a product I could represent that had already proven successful and was meaningful for me.” Bam…..the angels answered.

Within one month, we took it even further. I spiritually channeled a line of Colour Therapy healing angels that needed to be made. With using Stan’s angel pendant and adding a gemstone representing the chakras, we together developed 9 angels all focused on helping you to heal, inspire and uplift the spirit.

Now we are excited to launch this beautiful, unique, angelic product to you! With a healing description for each angel plus artist Sue Tait’s custom, colour therapy artwork for each angel on a 4x6 printed card, you can wear a healing angel and know the love and support that will be with you every day. This is no ordinary angel pendant. This has a story attached. Each angel has Reiki love and energy from Stan. Each angel radiates its own frequency of healing to support you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Each angel has been designed to help you Live Life Colourfully.

Life is amazing when you ask for what you need, surrender, release and let God and the universe align the stars for us. When your requests come true, always remember to say thank you. I am beyond thankful for my life and the gifts that keep coming my way. Thanks for letting me share.

Colourfully yours, Angela ( The “Colourful Angel Lady” )