Marketing Consulting Session

Marketing Consulting Session


Are you are a holistic/alternative practitioner or a creative soul? Fantastic in your modality? Love to serve & heal? Excited to succeed?

Angela has been blessed to work with a number of practitioners and now she offers the same to you.

We all share the same pain… you aren't planning to fail….you’re simply failing to plan! 

As an entrepreneur in the alternative health field AND a marketing consultant for over 20 years…Angela will help you! 

What area do you need to master in your business today?

Finding distinction in your modality through your story?
Mastering your 1 minute introduction?
Learning how to be taken seriously in the mass market?
Avoiding personal burnout?
Developing affiliates and partnerships?
Targeting your next step in direction towards success?
Obtaining an accountability partner?
Becoming the EXPERT in your field?

With over 20 years in the holistic & marketing industry, Angela will lovingly support, guide, train and inspire you to go beyond your wildest dreams to achieve empowerment and business success!

Angela’s goal and passion is to help the healers succeed so more people are served and healed on this planet. Be a success together!

Sessions available through Zoom, Skype, Facetime or in person.

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“Having an expert, like Angela sharing her knowledge is priceless. As an Expert in Colour Therapy, a Marketing Consultant, Event Marketer, Professional Speaker and Author! Angela will inspire you to go beyond your wildest dreams to achieve empowerment and business success!” Victoria L.

"Your marketing advice was the most fulfilling and beneficial advice I've ever experienced!" 
Tons of Love, Admiration and Gratitude (((((HUGS)))))"
David F.

"Coaxing the Oak tree from out of the Acorn - you just made the journey look a lot clearer".
Don C.

"I’ve had the privilege of obtaining marketing consulting with Angela Dacey - Live Life Colourfully. In one word, she’s incredible. Not only did I walk away with concrete strategies to more effectively market my psychotherapy practice, I also walked away with a deep assurance that I am dedicating my life to a profession that is so much more than just a career to me. I examined some of my personal blocks keeping me from achieving exactly what I would like to, and this allowed me to really understand what I stand for in this life. Angela created a very safe space in which fearless authenticity and vulnerability flourished so that meaningful realizations and shifts could occur. Thank you for the inspiring experience, Angela!"
Sara N.