Colour Psychology


What is colour psychology

Have you ever wondered why you chose to wear the green sweater today and not the red? Or have you walked into someone's house which is decorated in blue and felt more relaxed and peaceful than a house painted in yellow or orange colours? The theories of colour therapy provide an explanation: colours affect your moods, personality, feelings and your physical energy. Every colour in the rainbow radiates a different vibration or wave length. Reds vibrate very slowly and violets vibrate very quickly. The other five colours vibrate at rates in between these two.

Our understanding of the available colour therapy information begins with an understanding of the properties of light. Our most important energy source is light, and the entire spectrum of colours is derived from light. Sunlight, which contains all the wavelengths, consists of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that we depend on to exist on this planet.

Light flows through our eyes and triggers hormone production, which influences our entire complex biochemical system. This biochemical system then affects our being. And light does not travel alone. Light travels with energy.

We know that each colour found in the visible light spectrum has its own wavelength and its own frequency, which produces a specific energy and has a nutritive effect. We know some rays can be dangerous if we are exposed to them. But the visible light, the rainbow with 7 colours, affects us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. This is the basis for improving our health and well-being with colour therapy information.


Our body absorbs colour energy through the vibration, or frequency, colour gives off. All organs, body systems, and functions are connected to main energy centres. Every person has seven energy centres, called Chakras, and each centre is governed by one of the seven colour energies.

Through colour we receive all the energies we need to maintain a healthy body, mind, and soul. The National Institute of Mental Health has done studies showing that our mental health, behaviour, and general efficiency in life depends to a great extent on normal colour balance. When something goes wrong, or is out of balance, we can strengthen our energy centres through the conscious use of colour. Colour Energy exists everywhere and can be acquired through the food we eat (as well as vitamins and herbs), the clothes we wear, our surroundings, aromatherapy, sound, gemstones, and Colour Energy products.

We can make use of this information by applying these vibrations of energy to effect changes in our own human energy vibrations, thereby altering our balance in our day to day lives. Interestingly, natural light (which includes the seven colours of the spectrum) is required by humans for our cells to function and grow normally. When exposed to the different colour vibrations, humans are known to experience changes in their mental, emotional, and physical state. Colour therapy may be used everyday to influence your moods and health.

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