Our Colourful Chakra System


The word chakra (or as it is spelled in Sanskrit – Çakra – with the c pronounced as ch) means spinning wheel of energy, and originally referred to a chariot wheel. Later it became associated with the term “wheel of light,” which is the modern usage of the word. The seven chakras were first described nearly 2600 years ago, in the ancient sacred texts. Most of the current Western knowledge of the chakra colours comes from an English translation of Sanskrit texts from the 10th and 16th centuries. 

We are all made up of 7 different chakras running up and down our spine, constantly spinning.  Interestingly, the frequency or vibrancy of these chakras correspond to the frequency of the 7 colours of the rainbow. When measured, a red coloured light vibrates slow and warm – exactly like our bottom root chakra up to violet’s frequency with a cool and fast vibration – just like our top crown chakra.  It’s quite fascinating.  You may have heard about chakras if you take yoga, thai chi, reiki, nia, or if you’ve been to an alternative health practitioner.  These chakras centres are connected to major organs and glands on a physical level but also to our emotional, mental and spiritual levels representing the whole person.  If we have disturbances on any of these levels, a chakra’s vitality will show an imbalance of over activity or under activity. 


Understand Each Colour & The Meanings