Colour Psychology
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Angela’s passionate exuberance helped our staff easily absorb colourful insights into their personal and professional lives — without boring them with PPT slides. She was great before and after the session as well, making time to hold conference calls with us to understand our organizational culture and staying after the session to interact with staff. Staff are still talking about the power of her session days later! Many said it was the best staff meeting they’ve attended! We highly recommend her as a dynamic, upbeat addition to any meeting as a way to get staff thinking positively and proactively.
— Dean Lorenz, Marketing & Communications Manager and Vanessa Poulton, HR Advisor, Centre for Skills Development

“Marketing has always been my business love. 

I remember being in grade 11 and wondering what I wanted to do in my life as a career. Nothing grabbed my attention or gave me the passion I was looking for in my future.

Then, in grade 12, my school offered a marketing course.  I fell in love with this side of business instantly. 

Taking Marketing Management at Durham College then starting my Event Marketing career with National Sports Centre launched me into my love for business.

Rubbing shoulders with sporting celebrities and touring all over Ontario promoting the company, taught me a great deal about affiliation with other companies, advertising, marketing, communications, public relations and more.

However, I had a dream since I was a child. I wanted to own my own inspirational business.

Heaven & Earth Inc. was born in June of 1996.

Through extensive morphing and transformation over the 20+ years from a retail gift shop to an alternative health consultant, professional speaker, author, trainer, facilitator and mentor, I have continued to develop my marketing platform.

I’m honoured to have connected with some of the greats in the industry.  Jack Canfield, Louis Hay and Lisa Nichols for example.  Watching and analyzing how they have mastered marketing their own businesses in this industry has been educational and inspirational.

While developing, studying and growing my own platform, I have found a common bond between alternative health practitioners, spiritual healers, artists and other creative entrepreneurs. 

They are incredible at their craft but need help at marketing themselves!

That’s why I’m honoured to be able to provide marketing consulting to small businesses and non-profit organizations in the alternative health and small business fields.  Watching fellow entrepreneurs succeed is extremely rewarding and I look forward to working with more passionate people and businesses in the future.

Let’s get your business unstuck and help you to live your passion and Live Live Colourfully!”


Colour in the Workplace

Are unhealthy thoughts and feelings at work destroying your focus, clarity and productivity? Bring an interactive, accessible and fun new way for you and your co-workers to learn about Colour Psychology and change your workplace environment for the better.


Is your company leveraging a powerful success tool that your competition is overlooking? Through discovering the seven basic thoughts and feelings associated with Colour Psychology, you can learn how to influence sales to boost your profitability and be a giant step ahead of competition.


People instinctively feel authenticity. If the emotions your business colours evoke don’t match your values, you’ll lose their trust and interest immediately.