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Your Brand in Full Technicolour

Has this ever happened to you?

You are at a networking event having a great time while making lots of new contacts. One attendee, intrigued by your radiant personality, asks for your business card. You hand it over. They look at it briefly, smile politely, say “thanks” and tuck it into their pocket. They walk away, never to be heard from again. What went wrong?

 People instinctively feel authenticity. If the emotions your business colours evoke don’t match your values, you’ll lose their trust and interest immediately.

 Colour psychology has been used for thousands of years because people are influenced by colour without even realizing it. Most business owners are unaware how their branding directly influences and affects buying behaviour.

 If you don’t align your branding with your business values, your bottom line will continue to suffer.

 With 20+ years as an entrepreneur and colour psychology specialist, I know that my proven expertise will help you irresistibly appeal to the clients you want to attract. 

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Here’s the thing you should do when you’re launching a new business and you’re attempting to choose the correct colour scheme for your branding: consult a colour expert! In a fairly short period of time, she was able to walk me through my thinking, provide options, and give excellent feedback. I’m now set with a colour scheme that will work wonders for my business, all because of her amazing abilities and discernment. Thank you for everything Angela! You are the best!
— Greg Frankson, CEO & Founder, Voice Share Inc.

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Call today to set up your personal branding consultation. After just 60 minutes, you'll know exactly which colours will pay immediate dividends for your business.

Lunch and learn

Introduce colour psychology to your team with a quick, colourful and fun employee engagement. The information will be useable immediately for both personal and professional improvements.

Speaking Engagement

Looking for a different, dynamic speaker and topic for your conference? Hire Angela to bring colour psychology with branding and marketing to your team.

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