June's Colour of the Month - WHITE

As a prism of white light reveals all the colours of the rainbow and chakras, June’s colour of the month represents WHITE.

With June being a month of new beginnings with many weddings taking place, it represents purity, innocence, being transparent, protection and keeping your soul connected to your divine purpose.

White is also the highest connection to Divinity. Every experience in your life, be it big or small, has a Divine purpose and meaning.  It may be where you go for coffee today or a traumatic event that takes place. It all has meaning.  When it has become difficult to see “why” these events happen to us, use the colour WHITE to help remove yourself from life’s experiences to rise above the situation and see the beauty in the situation.  When we can see the beauty surrounding us, we can begin to understand our lessons and learning.

If you are in a confused state about your life right now, use the Whistful WHITE, which embraces all colours and all vibrations to see the Divine perspective.  Wear white clothing.  Carry a WHITE quartz stone.  Sleep in WHITE sheets.  WHITE will bring you to a beautiful state of understanding which will help you see all the beauty in life, even when it’s difficult to see from our human perspective.

Purchase a Mother of Pearl WHITE gemstone angel pendant and $10 goes to support the Flip the Script program. An 8 week healing program teaching past prisoners and people with addictions how to bring their inspirational stories from the street to the stage.