Clarifying Passion & Purpose After Divorce

Question for you: How committed are you to your passion and purpose?I ask this because after being divorced for almost 5 years now, I'm reflecting on the deep purpose of my marriage crumbling and why I went through that heartache. I finally see with clarity. To stay in that marriage I would never have fully embodied my true essence. Although supportive in some ways, the true purpose of my spiritual self was denied. Having a business and being an entrepreneur is tough enough let alone trying to be a spiritual entrepreneur and wanting to support people in a new way of thinking by detoxing their thoughts and feelings with colour as the tool. If you own a spiritual business, you will understand me even more how difficult it is to keep on our journey and trust the process.Being a spiritual entrepreneur means working side jobs to sustain you while you shine your light. I've done everything from working retail, making dog treats, painting homes, becoming a barista, while working on building my business and being a great mom to 2 awesome kids. Not everyone knows that but I'm happy to show it all.Now, after experiencing a new way of life for the last 5 years, I couldn't be prouder of my current situation. I've learned that my spiritual purpose and passion is a necessity for me to live by. I HAVE to live it. I HAVE to own it. It's part of my value system and my soul would not be happy otherwise. I also see now that nothing could stand in my way of being a spiritual entrepreneur. That means if you want to walk with me on this journey as a friend, family member, partner or client, you must know this is ME as I honour and love myself.What are you willing to sacrifice to listen to your soul's calling? How committed are you to your passion and purpose? You owe it to your soul to listen. You are a magnificent being and your presence is on this earth for a reason. Time to listen. Time to own it.I hope this inspires you. I'm writing this as I sit in my favourite coffee shop, in my little downtown, after working on my online course that just launched this past week after dreaming about it for 7 years. I'm soaking up the bliss.Dream it. Plan it. Do it. Repeat!