Netflix show "Girl Boss" reminds me of ME!

I just finished watching what I believe was a great Netflix new show called "GirlBoss". After finishing the series today, I am thinking how much I can relate to the main character Sophia.

A young entrepreneur starting out with passion, drive and determined success. She learns along the way who's a supporter of her dream and who is not.  Finally, her future in business is determined by her launch of her new website. (I won't give the ending away)

This June 4th I'll be celebrating 22 years owning Heaven & Earth Inc. With what started as a small retail store, has grown to include all areas that help to make people Live Life Colourfully.  My dream for the last 7 years has been to bring my Level 1 course, Detox Your Thoughts, ONLINE for women everywhere to be able to learn the skills and embrace the tools for more positive, healthy living.
Finally, 2017 is the year for this dream to finally come true. I filmed with a production crew last December in a local studio. The footage has been edited and it's now in my web developers' hands.
I have put years of teaching my passion, my love and the healing purpose of colour while supporting people on healing their journey of self-discovery for almost 22 years.  Now, with my dream of teaching, travelling and serving the global in healing one colour at a time, my launch date is very close.  We are aiming for June anniversary date.
Stay tuned for a special promo code, just for you, since you've been a supporter of my entrepreneur endeavors.  If you are a person with drive, passion and determination like Sophia and myself, watch Girl Boss and live the dream!
Have a colourful day!
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PPS...Don't want to dance but love the idea or can't make it? Support the EDP project at my Go Fund Me page.