Celebrating Successes this New Year's Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve!Are you wanting to celebrate today or are you despising the festivities?I wanted to share with you my new take on New Years. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate this suggestion.First, I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season. I decided to take time off to spend quality family time with my kids, which was very fulfilling.Now…for New YearsI decided as of last year to NOT look into the future and set resolutions. As much as I have goals, most resolutions cause too much pressure with their expectations and are rarely achieved.Instead, I took 15 minutes, grabbed a pen and notebook, and wrote down every success I have achieved in the past year. The result was amazing! So much so, I am doing this again today to bring in the New Year!What I noticed is that we fail to honour and celebrate all the successes we’ve achieved over the last year. Once we take time to reflect, we become happy and empowered to keep going and growing into the New Year.Sometimes the successes are small, like maybe you treated a friend to lunch or called an old friend and that’s great. Sometimes they are huge and that’s great too. I want to share some of my successes in hopes that it inspires you. I’d also love to hear about your successes so please feel free to share.In 2016 I have successfully:

  • img_6353Filmed my Detox Your Thoughts course to be available online in the new year
  • Healed and strengthened my back
  • Started swimming again
  • Met a wonderful man
  • Started Ecstatic Dances
  • Travelled to B.C. and Bahamas
  • Consulted small business owners
  • Met with a financial planner
  • Mentored entrepreneurs
  • Started dance lessons
  • Started Instagram

 As the day progresses, I will add more successes. For now, this is a great start and has already filled my heart with happiness.So let’s go easy on ourselves and take the resolutions and high expectations off the table.What are your successes?Happy New Year everyone! May you ring in the new time with anticipation, hope, gratefulness and peace.Colourfully Yours,Angela