Anything But Expected!

It's been interesting to me in this last month to be promoting the launch of my Live Life Colourfully Ecstatic Dance to people.
The reactions were anything but expected. Most people turned fearful and scared of participating in a dance party that was solely for them to dance to the beat of their own drum.  A few said they couldn't dance in public without a drink or two and with this dance party, it's drug and alcohol free.  Others stated they "can't" dance, worried about how they would look and the judgment that may lie internally or externally.

This is when I realized; we've lost connection to ourselves and our spirits within. We state we are spiritually conscious people, constantly improving ourselves and becoming self-aware. However, the innate spirit within is scared to be free.

So I did some research on how dance is a form of meditation and here's some points of what I found:
  • After sitting for hours crossed legged, it's the movement and breathing your body needs
  • Dancing is a natural high
  • Baby's are born with natural movement to music, it's IN us
  • As our bodies move, our brain rests
  • Dance is a language of the soul
  • Fantastic for opening up the chakras and healing emotional pain
  • Our ancestors danced for spiritual connection and communication
  • Focuses you on the present moment
  • Great for a sore body. Your body will remember the movement it needs
  • Thousands of years ago, dance was our religion
So I ask you... Can you look within and question WHY you are scared to dance when it's a natural part of our existence? We were born to dance. What's holding you back?

With Ecstatic Dances, I'm offering you a chance to experience YOU. No judgment. Every BODY is beautiful and moves to their own rhythm. With live music and a DJ, you'll be able to enjoy an evening dancing in silence (without talking), yet in a crowd. Moving the way your body tells you to. Freeing your soul, being in present moment and connection to the playful person that lives inside you.  This dance party is for YOU!meIf this isn't in your area, google "Ecstatic Dance" and find one close to you. I've been to dances in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal to name a few.You will not only love it, you'll become addicted to it. I did!  My body craves this dancing now. It's my stress release, my connection with likeminded people, and I feel part of my tribe.Stay tuned on my LLC FB page for a fun count down to the launch with giveaways starting Oct. 1st.

Read more about my Ecstatic Dance. I challenge you to try it - this once. Let your spirit shine and your soul be free!  You deserve it!