Advice from my deceased Dad...and David Bowie

As you get older, you gain an appreciation for the advice your elders provide you.Sometimes we wish they weren’t right.Back in the summer my life was finally on a high after a few tough years. From my health, to my business, to my love life, I was celebrating in all areas.So What Happened?By November my back had a massive spasm, which left me with a herniated disc causing severe pain and unable to walk some days – even 3 months later. My business was put on hold while I only had the energy and focus to work with my clients. My annual Soul Mala Bahama Retreat had to be cancelled. Plus, my love and I decided to part ways even though we loved each other dearly, the timing was not right.Through all this, my Dad’s voice came through clearly in my head.“One thing in life you can always count on, CHANGE”.He was right.Change is never-ending and it is a constant in everyone’s life. Yet we try to avoid it or fear it. However, it is a way of life we must embrace.Once we embrace change, we can appreciate all we have and express more gratitude.During my natural high of life last summer, I remember reflecting on my Dad’s advice. I soaked up every minute of every day knowing that in some way, life may change again. I had no concept of when or how severe, but it forced me to appreciate the love, excitement and happiness in that moment even more.Now after suffering with severe back pain for months, and healing my emotions, I am again reminded that change is around the corner. Nothing stays the same forever. I’m blessed to say I’m seeing the light at the end of this tunnel!When we are in despair, we must remember, “This too shall pass”. Change will happen in some way, shape or form. We just need to trust and have patience.When we are high on life, we must embrace every moment and cherish it. Bottle the feeling so we can remember how change can feel great in a positive way.Change is not to be feared but to be embraced. Great things come with change. Lessons, appreciations, gratitude, happiness, empowerment, freedom – the list goes on.You would not be who you are today without changes.As one of my favourite artists, the late David Bowie said, “Turn and face the strange….Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes”. He was also a wise man.Thanks Dad for that great, realistic advice. I can still hear you reminding me on the tough days and celebrating with me on the great days.Enjoy your changes – whatever they may be because they are a part of YOU!Here’s David Bowie’s song Changes. Listen to the words as he sings and think of all the changes you have gone through in life – or are going through. It’s making you more amazing every day!Living Life Colourfully,Angela[embed][/embed]