Would You Date Yourself?

Would You Date Yourself?Most of you who have joined my newsletter over the years are open to holistic/energetic practices. We believe in manifesting through vision boards (like the one I just created last week). We write down what we want in the perfect, EVOLVED MATE. We begin focusing on our DREAM JOB. It's taken work to clear ourselves of toxic people and now we are ready to bring THE ONE into our lives or quit our job to TRAVEL the world....right?Well, maybe!Guaranteed that healing our surroundings and our environment is necessary and usually our first steps in moving forward. It's always easier to look externally for what needs fixed or adjusted.However, once we've completed those tasks all that is left is OURSELVES. We try to understand why we aren't 100% happy or fulfilled. We did the work. We know the language. So what's our problem?The answer is - It's YOU! If you are here, now is the time for YOU. Time to really meet who you are. Time to explore the authentic person INSIDE. Time to make your light shine as a UNIVERSAL light. You've worked hard to be here. Now celebrate being you WITH you!

What is your SOUL calling for in your life?Is it Purpose? Love? Healing?

Imagine finding it in only 4 days?



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Many other soul sisters and brothers, that have come before you, have rocked their world with Soul Mala. They fell in love with themselves and LOVED whom they uncovered. Then, their life changed...even more... for the better.

Imagine dating yourself.....would you?

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Fall in love with yourself.