Kids and Colour

Our amazement and love for colour begins at a very early age. Our toys are made with bright colours to stimulate our minds. Our imagination expands as we colour trees purple and dogs blue. We have our favourite pink dress or orange jacket we love to wear. We see and feel colour so purely and innocently.As we get older, our senses to energy can become duller so colour becomes taken for granted. It’s everywhere…what’s the big deal? However, ask anyone and they will still hold a favourite colour and/or least favourite colour in their minds. Why is that?Regardless of our age, our spirit remembers colour and how we are affected by the frequencies.I had the pleasure of going into my daughter’s grade 3 class and heightening 8 year olds’ understanding of what they were feeling with colour. We put thoughts and feelings into each colour and discussed how to use colour in their lives to help them express themselves.It was a powerful 1.5 hours. Every child was so open and receptive. They were captivated that Red meant “Go, Go, Go” and Orange meant “Play” for example.Two cute children and dog sleeping on the floor living room, covered with a blue blanket.One month after this little workshop, I was in the class helping with a Christmas project. One little girl said to me, “Miss Angela, we are using a lot of Blue energy with all the talking we are doing today.” I was amazed that the information had resonated with her and remained locked into her mind for the last month. Then the little boy across the table said, “Actually, I think we are using more Orange energy because we are playing!” Personally, I could have cried because I realized in that very moment, these children could now use colour as a tool to express their thoughts and feelings clearly. What a gift!Thank you to Rogers Public School! I’d be honoured to teach any class of any age if you’d like to contact me to come into your school to teach colour therapy. 

Colour TherapyAngela Dacey