Open Your Toolbox!

 We’ve all been there at some point in our life - the day where we don’t want to get off the couch. The world seems like a harsh reality and snuggling up under a blanket feels safer than taking that step into the big, bad world.Once and awhile, those days are good for our soul. We take time for ourselves. We read a good book. We catch up on our friends through Facebook or email. We rejuvenate.However, what happens when that day turns into many days, weeks or even months? How do we begin to take a step forward when we forget how to walk?When your days seem too dark to look ahead, this is when you need strength to look inside your inner toolbox for the tools needed to get you off that couch.We all have a toolbox. It’s filled with knowledge, wisdom, support and help should we admit we need it.IMG_1891It may take the shape of your friends who’d be there for you no matter what was happening in your life. You just have to pick up the phone and call them to make them aware you need their help. It may be that soul sister or brother who never judges you and will always love you who will come over, make you dinner and listen while you talk. It may be that support group that waits for you to admit you have an addiction and need help. It may be taking the time to be with the animals or in nature. It may also just be your journal, sitting upstairs in a drawer, waiting for you to pull it out and begin writing your thoughts and feelings into its blank pages.IMG_1751If you’ve taken any personal development, spiritual courses, your toolbox may consist of writing your I AM statements, re-evaluating your core values, calling your counselor, going to a meditation or yoga class or drawing mandalas at a local cafe or on a driveway.Regardless, you have tools. If you don’t know what they are or remember which tools you have, ASK someone for help. We aren’t meant to be suffering alone. There is always help. Love and support is there! Begin loving yourself again. Know that the world needs you to get off that couch and begin living life colourfully once again.Through my healing, music has always been a staple. Words are symbolic. Notes make me laugh or cry. I heal through music. I’m honoured to share with you a song written and performed by a Canadian musician who’s words and sound touch my soul. I hope you enjoy Christian Bridges and his song Loneliest Lion. You can find more of his inspirational music on You Tube.