My Healed Mantra

Two years ago I channeled a mantra in order to help me heal from my separation of marriage. (A mantra is a word or phrase you repeat to calm the mind, tune into the soul and to connect to the universe.) My mantra was “Cleanse my soul. Heal my heart. Return my joy.”Just this past weekend, while dancing to my soul’s rhythm and feeling the vibrations of a musician’s didgeridoo embrace each of my chakra centers, I came to realize this mantra had been completed.Dad&MeKnowing what I know about personal development and teaching how important it is to detox your inner thoughts and feelings, two years ago I was completely aware that I was in a downwards spiral and needed help. I was overcome with emotions with my current life situation. I was separating from my highschool sweetheart after 17 years of marriage. I was moving out of our current house back to a house we owned that had been trashed by tenants and needed massive renovations. My business was on hold due to my own personal situation so my income was on hold. Then, less than 2 months after moving out, I found out on a Friday that my Dad had lung cancer and he died the following Tuesday. Only 5 days to say goodbye.For a moment in time I was no longer living day to day or step by step. I was seriously living breath to breath. You may have been there in your life at some point too. If you have, then you understand.This is when I thank God for having the spiritual belief I do. I knew in that moment I had to completely surrender and release and trust in only the Divine to guide me to my next step. That is when I channeled the mantra. “Cleanse my soul. Heal my heart. Return my joy.” That is when my new journey began.After 6 months of choosing to do intensive NLP, NDT and other alternative health therapies, I “Cleansed my soul”. After taking advantage of some new opportunities presented in my path, experiencing my soul family loving & supporting me, and meeting a whole new community of spiritually awake people, I “Healed my heart”. Now, after embracing this summer with music, dance, friendship and fun I can honestly say I’ve “Returned my joy”.IMG_1504That mantra has never led me astray. It has kept me focused on my intention and mission. I’m proud of myself for how far I’ve come in a short time and know in my heart that everything has a Divine purpose. I have never felt more alive, more authentic and more committed to my purpose and passion.Whatever you are going through in your life, ASK the Divine for a mantra. Write down what comes to you. Repeat it daily. Sing it! Stay committed to your intention. Life will change. Energy will change. You will change because your inner light will change. Namaste,Angela