YOUR Meaning of the Word Friendship

 I’ve noticed in my life lately how the term “friendship” holds different meanings for different people. What WE believe friendship is in our life could be a very different analogy for someone else. If two people aren’t on the same page, then expectations around the friendship will be placed that can never be met.With that being said, I feel it’s important for everyone to really grasp their own meaning of the word friendship and see who in your life is a part of that group.IMG_1440Maybe being a friend to you is calling or checking in with that person every day. Maybe it’s hanging out once per month and having a bitch session about life. Maybe it’s someone who can push you to be a better person. Regardless, do you know what the word friendship means to you?Here’s what I determined it means for me.Friendship to me holds a great weight. Probably because I have little family in my life so my friends are my family. With that being said, a friend is someone who not only shares laughter, life experiences and your successes with you, they are also the people that can show you your light when you can’t see it for yourself. They may also show you when and where you are off track and push you to become a better person. It may hurt in the present moment to hear, but they speak with love and care about you so much, they want to see you grow and evolve. It’s taking the good times with the bad but knowing that they are always there to support you.So to all my friends out there, know how much I love, value and appreciate you! Enjoy the process of figuring out what friendship means to you and how you can also be that friend for someone else :)