Healing Your Heart During Transition and Change Teleseminar

Change is one thing that we can always guarantee will remain constant in life. However, how we cope with the change can be different every time we experience it depending on how big the change is and how it will affect our life.I believe every experience, good and bad, is an opportunity to look into ourselves and heal a part of us for spiritual growth. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to take a situation and ask “So what’s this about for me?” I realize that things don’t happen TO me. They happen FOR me. Each individual experience or person we meet is an opportunity for personal growth. That may be a difficult statement to hear or understand right now, but I promise you, if you join this free teleseminar you’ll begin seeing your change and transition in a new light and your heart will begin to heal.This free seminar is for you if you have been dealing with:- A separation or divorce- The loss of a loved one- A mid life crisis- A career change- Either have recently had children or they’ve grown and now left your home- Or you are healing your past wounds, confronting your old outdated beliefs and finding your true authentic selfJoin me, Angela Dacey, in helping you to Heal Your Heart during this transistion and change in your life. After 25 years of constantly healing and growing my own spirit and 16 years of training, teaching and coaching people through their own transitions, I've developed a 16 step program to heal yourself during this time. THIS FREE teleseminar will focus on 4 key steps so that you can walk away with a plan to begin healing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self right NOW.Don't go through this alone and don't go through this pain without a plan. There IS light at the end of the tunnel. I know because I've been there. I created these steps to help me and I know that they'll help you!Let's work together to heal your heart.Please tell your friends - especially the ones going through change like you are. Also feel free to leave a comment below :)I look forward to helping you Heal Your Heart during your Transistion and Change.

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