Healing My Soul With Music

I have really been attracted to sound and movement in the last few months. Many of us have been experiencing dramatic transformation and change in our lives and I also personally have been as well. Going through personal change and growth, I’ve been guided towards many forms of music, which has been very healing to my heart chakra. From seeing one of my favourites, Colin James, in concert to listening to the hypnotic sounds of Deva Premal, to participating in drumming workshops, African dance, Zumba and Yoga, I’m finding that music and movement has been so healing for my heart chakra.Since September 2011, I’ve been doing Marketing Coaching on the side to fund my progress of working ON my business not always IN my business. Part of that coaching involves booking the live Sat. night entertainment at the Everything Chocolate Café in Newmarket. Every week I’m so lucky to be a part of the live music scene with phenomenal artists – many who should be playing in a large venue, not a small café due to their talent and expertise. I’m constantly amazed by the talent we have in our own backyard. I’m also surprised how little live music is honoured. Many of the musicians have stated that people rather be sitting in front of the TV instead of coming out to watch live entertainment. Interesting how the times have changed. Although we usually have a good turn out in the café, I’d love to see more people getting back out to experience music fueling their soul. When was the last time you saw a blues band, celtic group or jazz band or participated in a drumming circle or chanting group? I’m challenging those of you going through transformation to go out and let music run through your veins. Feel the vibrations; listen to the words, dance like no one’s watching. You may just feel as though your heart chakra finds healing as mine has with the beautiful power of music.This May 2012, I had the pleasure of visiting drum teacher, Terri Segal from Rhythmic By Nature, at her home up north to interview her as my next colourful expert. We spoke on the tradition of hand drumming. Terri gives us a demonstration of the djembe drum and discusses how it's been used as a communication tool around the world for centuries. Terri is an incredible teacher, motivator and entrepreneur who teaches personally and professionally in Ontario. Check her company out at http://www.rhythmicbynature.com/ and FEEL the rhythm.