Do What You Love - by Angelspeake's Trudy Griswold

I just received this blog into my mailbox and asked my dear old friend, Trudy Griswold author of Angelspeake, if I could share it. She happily agreed. Enjoy and always do what you love...Guess what the #1 question is that people ask me about their spirituality? I'll bet you're thinking people are asking about love or relationships, about health issues or "What is my angel's name?" or "How can I attract more abundance into my life?"Actually, the most frequently asked question by seekers is about something that is extremely important for each of us on our spiritual walk. The question is: "What is my true spiritual purpose this lifetime" and/or "How can I make a real difference on this earth?"When I am asked this question, people seem nervous about what the answer will be. So often we feel that if we ask important questions, then the answer will probably be complicated, expensive or really difficult to achieve. No wonder I get that scared or nervous look!The truth is, your real purpose this lifetime has always lived within you, since the moment your soul came into your body and you came to this earth plane. Your purpose came with you from heaven, in your cellular memory and it was all agreed upon before you came here. You have enormous guidance, love and support during this important time in preparation for your spiritual journey. Here's how it all happens.Once it is decided that you will come to earth to learn your spiritual lessons, live your life purpose and open yourself to your karma and true essence, you then make many other decisions with you guides, angels, teachers and God while you are in spirit. For you it might be that you come into body to learn how to help others or to be a teacher to many, or possibly a healer or peacemaker with souls. There is a multitude of ways to live your true spiritual purpose and you have many opportunities to help others who are walking along their path as well.But, here's the really, REALLY good news! Whatever it is in your life that you love to do and have passion to do, to become or experience, that is your life purpose in action! It's what you can't wait to get to or what you dream about or what you wish you could always do full time, that's your true purpose.Remember, your real purpose this lifetime is what excites you. Maybe you love being a brain surgeon, or singing to children or helping people transition home to spirit, or healing hurt animals, then that is part of your life purpose. If you love doing something that makes your heart sing you are on the right path.Here is a wonderful example in a YouTube video of how a young couple loved sharing their divine spiritual gifts and found a way to share their passion and life purpose with others. This is an ideal example of "do what you love" and how, when you do, you can move many. I hope it will excite you and truly make your heart sing, as it has mine.