4 A's of Transformation

Finally the big 2012 has arrived! 2011 proved to be so life transforming for so many people. Especially when it came to relationships. I saw so many clients, friends, family members and even myself suffer within their personal relationships. Many separations and divorces happened this past year. Was this you too? If it was, then I hope you were able to use the 4 A’s of transformation to find a positive outcome. As Dr. Joe Piazza describes in this video below, Awareness, Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Action all need to take place in order for transformation and spiritual growth to occur.It definitely felt as though this universe was getting all of us to heal our past, deal in present moment and set our intentions for the future. This month, I’m going to share how I worked through these 4 A’s to heal my marriage.For the last two years, my husband and I have been struggling in our relationship. After 24 years together, it only seems right that the small problems existing through time finally came to the surface. We were now facing bigger problems and we were forced to deal with them now or suffer the consequences. With two great kids and a great life that we’ve established, separation was an option but not a road we wanted to take. With that being said, Awareness was the first step. For any of you who’ve taken my courses, you know that I always say, “If you have awareness there is a problem, then you are 50% there to healing the issue”. You can’t fix something you are not aware of. We were both aware. Acknowledging came as a bit of difficulty to my husband because his spirit knew that if he acknowledged the problem, then we’d have to work on fixing it and fixing it meant counseling. It took approx. one year before he could acknowledge the issue so we could move to acceptance. We started marriage counseling with a fantastic woman almost a year ago. Although I’ve counseled many women and men through separation and divorce and knew many of the tools to use, it pays to be vulnerable and humble and accept help. I’ve always believed doctors need doctors, psychics need psychics and counsellors need counsellors. I truly believe the universe was also placing me in the shoes of many of my clients and I now have a deeper understanding and empathy for the journey they have been on in life. Kyle and I have now taken action and not only tried counseling but stuck with it throughout the last year through the highs and lows. We are always self discovering and discovering more about each other with every session.I’m happy to say that we are healing and moving forward in our marriage. We’ve been best friends since we met as teenagers and we continue to work on our marriage, as it’s so precious to us. If you were someone who became separated or divorced in 2011, my heart is with you for that personal loss however, I’m also proud of you for taking action if you knew it was for your highest and best good. I feel that 2012 is going to be a profound year and we are being called to live authentically and with spiritual connection. I hope sharing my story helps you and I appreciate having you continue to read my blog and newsletters.As previously mentioned, Dr. Joe Piazza from Phoenix Network Care is my Colourful Expert of the Month discussing the 4 A’s of Transformation. Watch the 12 minute video and learn key tools for success in moving, transforming and spiritually growing through life.