Decorate with Yellow Purpose

Yellow is a fantastic colour to brighten your day - especially a cloudy day! Yellow represents sunshine, happiness and positivity. We need yellow to remind us to look at the glass as half full, not half empty. If you suffer from negative thoughts, use yellow to change those thoughts to the positive. Yellow stimulates the mind and memory, helping us remember our tasks for the day or where we put down our keys! Write your To Do notes on Yellow sticky notes to jog the memory. Use Yellow in a place to "wake up". Bathrooms are a great place for a Yellow wall or Yellow accessories. We need to wake up and feel refreshed every morning. Having Yellow dishes to eat our breakfast on or a Yellow breakfast bar will help to put a quick step into the beginning of your day. In addition, you can always choose clothing and jewellery to help as well.Watch Angela on Rogers TV show Daytime explaining "why" and "when" we need to use the colour Yellow.[embed][/embed]