Trusting the Universe to Provide the Answers

I had a great AHA moment yesterday. I’m glad to say “Great” because the awareness came after a whole day of feeling down and depressed.I finally realized that I’ve been losing my motivation and creativity due to feeling very lonely from working at home. When I first opened my business in 1995, I had a store on Main St. Newmarket. It was my dream to own a store and I finally did it. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I loved the people that shopped there and shared their stories with me. I need people in my life and I have the need to serve so having a retail store was great for that reason.Due to unforeseen circumstances, I closed my store and moved into the counseling and alternative health industry. I also enjoyed this area of my life but I now realize that my interactions with people drastically dropped. Sure, I counseled and trained people in personal development, which was also rewarding, but the interactions with people were sporadic. Two years ago we moved into a house large enough to accommodate a home office space. I wanted to focus on moving away from counseling and into more training as I love teaching people how to improve their lives. As much as I love what I do, I’m now rarely interacting with people on a daily basis. 90% of my business right now is computer based, which is really difficult for me as an extraverted person with a mission to serve the world.That leads me to today. I know that my soul is calling out for a change. I’m unsure what exactly that change will be. I’m not prepared to open another store and do not feel that doing that is the right answer. I have begun to work with the Everything Chocolate Café as a marketing/event promoter and consultant which has helped me get out of the house and serve but I know there is something more. My only choice right now is to surrender and release. I trust in the universe to guide me and support me during this time. Awareness is, however, half the battle in recognizing the problem and making a change. My focus is still on putting my course online, finishing my book and teaching the world about colour strategies to improve their personal development. Plus, I can't wait to teach my intensive retreat, Soul Sauna, in the Bahamas in Feb. 2012. How that will all be accomplished? That is the question to which I cannot wait to find the answer – but I must have trust and patience.We all go through times of tribulation, regardless of how much personal development we have done. I’m accepting my place on this earth right now, I have awareness and I’m ready and excited for the next step. I’d love to hear your suggestions. I may even post some of them to help not only myself but others going through the same stagnation. Thank you and stay tuned to follow my own journey of self discovery.