Inner Peace with Indigo Personality

Indigo personalities seek the need to dive deep into their inner spirit to find guidance and peace. Expressing their uniqueness in this world through clothing, music and food for example, is a necessity for them to stand out from the crowd. However, they crave to be a part of a group and belong. Highly creative and expressive, these people are amazing as musicians, as actors and song writers. Unfortunately, if they lose a sense of who they are or their sense of purpose, they can become very depressed and begin blaming others for their problems. The key is to keep them focused and grounded on bringing their talents to the external world. When they can express and release who they are, they will shine. While Angela is interviewing Rodney, watch how much quieter Rodney is compared to the other guests. He also takes his time to articulate what he wants to say. He's highly sensitive to feelings and the energy around him.