Colour Personality Types

Every person owns hundreds, if not thousands, of traits that make up their personality. Our uniqueness is a beautiful thing. However, we can begin to understand specific traits that are present in groups of people by learning how there are seven main personality types. One for each colour of the rainbow. Are you a Red? Maybe you are truly a Blue but have been living life as a Yellow. How would that affect your authentic self?In order to understand your true authenticity, as well as understand those relationships around you, both personally and professionally, learning about the seven different colour personality types will be extremely beneficial for you. You will clearly see what your constructive and unconstructive traits are. You will be able to identify your life's mission, challenges and purpose. In addition, with this information you will be enhancing all of your relationships by using more effective communication and understanding with everyone you meet.Watch Angela on Rogers TV show In The Know and begin to understand the importance of colour personalities and find which colour best resinates with your true authentic self. Angela trains in Colour Personality Development to the corporate world. Call her for more information.[youtube][/youtube]