Colour of the Month Explanation

For each month of the year, we offer color therapy healing tips. These are simple suggestions to help you apply the theory of colour therapy to your everday life. In this way, the tools for color therapy healing can be used to help us more effectively handle our personal obligations, relieve stress, more fully enjoy festive occasions throughout the year, 'tune in' to seasonal changes, improve mental clarity and communication, inspire creativity and much more.Suggestions include which foods to eat, which music to listen to, which gem stones correlate to the colours in question and techniques for combining colour therapy with aromatherapy. Find out which essential oils complement a particular colour to give a 'one-two punch' of natural alternative therapies to your system .You may use the color therapy healing tips to help plan your year starting in January, raise your level of passion in time for Valentine's Day, to spark spontaneous and playful creativity on Halloween or to revitalize your body with the physical and inner strength needed for endurance during the hustle and bustle of holiday seasons.Read about every colour and every month in my Blog!