Yellow Colour Therapy = Solar Plexus Chakra

Each colour of the rainbow corresponds to one of the 7 chakra centers. Each chakra center correlates to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Because thoughts and feelings are made up of energy, we also hold these positive and negative energies in the corresponding chakra. Therefore, if we have unhealthy thoughts and feelings, the chakra may become over active or under active which will create an imbalance. This can lead to health problems. We can use colour as “food for the soul”. By wearing, visualizing, eating, or painting in the colour we need, we can energetically support the chakra center, thereby, supporting our overall health.


  • Self-expression
  • Supports self-esteem and confidence in ourselves
  • Represents our power centre
  • Signifies life – Living in the moment


  • Expresses positivity, happiness and joy
  • Optimism


  • Represents concentration and intelligence
  • Aids memory
  • Gives clarity to our thoughts
  • Supports decision making


  • Related to ages 12-18
  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Detoxes the digestive tract
  • Connected to the liver, pancreas, intestines, stomach and kidneys

Negative Thoughts/Feelings

1. I must always appear confident
2. I need to perform well to receive recognition
3. The more knowledge I have, the more people will appreciate and respect me
4. All this knowledge means that my opinions will be heard
5. I am important because of my mental ability
6. I will appear foolish and look stupid if I do not know the answer or perform under the expectations
7. My emotions can’t be trusted
8. Must exist as a human doing instead of the human being

Imbalances - These beliefs over time can lead to:

1. Low self esteem and confidence
2. Fear of rejection
3. The need for recognition
4. Become the chameleon. Show a difference personality depending on who you are talking to. The inability to express the true authentic self.
5. Loss of personal power
6. Suffering with digestive problems, hypoglycemia, diabetes, gall bladder, kidney stones, constipation, and colon issues

Dislike Yellow?

  • You may feel as though you’ve been rejected or not accepted for who you are
  • You may suffer from stress, anxiety, and personal fears
  • You may be overly critical of new ideas and judge open-minded people
  • May be in a ‘follower’ role instead of the ‘leadership’ role you’d expect to be

Love Yellow?

  • You are feeling positive and excited to learn all that you can
  • You are confident and self aware
  • You may be entering a new field of expertise or should look into learning a new task.