Violet Colour Therapy = Crown Chakra

Each colour of the rainbow corresponds to one of the 7 chakra centers. Each chakra center correlates to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Because thoughts and feelings are made up of energy, we also hold these positive and negative energies in the corresponding chakra. Therefore, if we have unhealthy thoughts and feelings, the chakra may become over active or under active which will create an imbalance. This can lead to health problems. We can use colour as “food for the soul”. By wearing, visualizing, eating, or painting in the colour we need, we can energetically support the chakra center, thereby, supporting our overall health.[youtube][/youtube]Spiritually
  • Etheric Centre
  • Connects us to our mission on earth
  • Intuition and creativity


  • Clears emotional disturbances
  • Helps calms in times of trauma


  • Stimulates mental strength
  • Develops world leaders
  • Aids humanitarians
  • Self sacrificing
  • Associated with Royalty and authority


  • Related to the last stages of life
  • Connected to the brain and the central nervous system
  • Helps kill bacteria
  • Stimulates sexual desire

Negative Thoughts/Feelings:1. So much to do – so little time2. People need to have the same beliefs as me so that we can accomplish the same goals3. I must run as far away from conflict as possible4. I am not a creative person5. It is wrong to connect with angels, spirit guides, past loved ones6. I’m schizophrenic if God talks to me7. I’m only safe and happy when I’m living in my fantasy worldImbalances – these beliefs over time can lead to:1. Exhaustion/Fatigue2. Feeling superior over others3. Constantly daydreaming4. Not setting boundaries and/or consequences5. Sexual addictions6. Headaches, loss of attention span, scatterednessDislike Violet?

  • You may feel physically exhausted
  • You may have been ridiculed for having imaginary friends
  • You may suffer with migraines
  • You may not wish to believe in or connect with a higher source
  • You may have a creative block

Love Violet?

  • You are experiencing many creative outlets
  • You believe in miracles and see them occuring every day
  • You bring peace in times of conflict
  • You know that earth is just a school to learn lessons and that everyone and everything has a deeper meaning