Use the Vibration of Violet in April

April….ahhh, love is in the air. Spring fever begins to surround the young and old. Romance blossoms, soulmates attract and new love takes shape. After all the hibernation from the winter, we start to play again outdoors. Our physical bodies feel like moving again, the sunshine creates happiness and our soul rejuvenates with social connections. April is a month to tap into the crown chakra (top of the head) and the violet vibration.

Violet opens our awareness to heaven on earth. It is the colour to inspire, dream and visualize. If you have been wanting to attract your soulmate, now is the time. Use the violet crown energy and ask the universe specifically for what you want and desire in a relationship. Take into consideration all aspects of the relationship – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Don't feel shy or greedy about asking for the ultimate partner for the universe wants you to be loved and happy in your life.

If you are already in a relationship, use this violet vibration to spark creativity, newness and connection back into your love life. Write your partner a love letter, paint a picture for them, create a unique date night for the two of you or attend a concert or play together. This reconnection with your soulmate will have the universal energy dancing all around you for love makes the angels sing. Feel your love life being blessed this month as violet has been known by many artists as the 'colour of spirit'.

From ancient times Violet has been known to be the colour of spirit. Leonardo da Vinci recognized the power of the Violet rays and said that our power would increase tenfold if we meditated under the Violet stained glass windows in a cathedral. When we are in balance and are connected to the violet colour energy, the whole world is acutally open to us. Violet enhances spiritual power and creativity as well it stimulates the highest human ideals in art, music, poetry and all other kinds of art.

Therefore, paint with the violet colour. Write in a violet coloured journal. Bring the stone of Amethyst into your life. Buy purple flowers. Bring the scent of Lavender into the home. Have an evening violet colour bath with yourself or with your partner while eating purple grapes and reading poetry! Connect with a Pieces in your life during this month as Pieces are known to have the ability to connect body and spirit. They are highly creative, truly romantic and very intuitive. Enjoy the journey!