Stimulate The Mind This September

Yellow is a great colour for September to bring our mental focus and concentration back from a relaxing summer. September usually represents back to school and back to work. This means we need to awaken the mind and stimulate our mental abilities once again. With yellow being a positive, optimistic colour, remember to bring yellow into the workplace for a little bit of sunshine year round. Yellow is connected to our solar plexus and aids the digestive system by helping to release toxins, allowing the body and mind to be more clean and clear. Take note – if you are all work and no play you may experience problems such as digestive sluggishness, too high/too low confidence levels, mental burnout, and more.

FYI - Use yellow colour therapy healing to help with your studies as it improves memory and helps mental fatigue. This colour is great for children as it enhances a child's ability to perceive and understand. Yellow is an optimistic and sunny color energy and is also connected to the will and ego. A well balanced solar plexus chakra shows a person who is open and spontaneous, who can laugh or cry, be nervous and afraid; a confident person who can be her/himself in all situations or moods. It is important to be oneself and not to control oneself!

Complementary products are the essential oils of rosemary, lemon, grapefruit and fennel; ghinko bilko, milk thistle, dandelion and ginger herbs; and foods like lemons, pineapples, bananas, yellow peppers, grapefruit and corn. Try citrine, amber, gold or topaz gemstones. Combine the yellow colour bath with sounds that stimulate the mind together with a cup of lemon tea. Invigorate and revitalize your being! Or kick start your day with a yellow footbath!