Red Colour Therapy = Root Chakra

Each colour of the rainbow corresponds to one of the 7 chakra centers. Each chakra center correlates to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Because thoughts and feelings are made up of energy, we also hold these positive and negative energies in the corresponding chakra. Therefore, if we have unhealthy thoughts and feelings, the chakra may become over active or under active which will create an imbalance. This can lead to health problems. We can use colour as “food for the soul”. By wearing, visualizing, eating, or painting in the colour we need, we can energetically support the chakra center, thereby, supporting our overall health.


  • Focus on Survival needs
  • Grounds us to fulfill our mission on earth
  • Makes us face reality


  • Passion
  • Warmth and protection
  • Action


  • Self confidence and reassurance
  • Power
  • Determination


  • Concerned with ages 0-5 and Root family
  • Related to blood, bones, teeth, reproduction, adrenal glands
  • Stimulates sex drive
  • Activity, movement, action
  • Stimulates the appetite

Negative Thoughts/Feelings:

1. Life is always a struggle
2. Only the strong survive
3. I need to be in control at all times
4. I must never be vulnerable as it shows I have weaknesses
5. I must always fight to prove my point
6. No one but myself is to be trusted

Imbalances – these beliefs over time can lead to:

1. Anger and temper
2. Illness in the immune system, legs, blood, bones and teeth
3. Lack of physical awareness. Unhealthy
4. Abusive behaviour
5. Addictions
6. Difficulty with making decisions

Dislike Red?

  • You may feel physically exhausted
  • You may have problems securing your survival needs
  • You may suffer with irritability, erratic temper and anger
  • You may feel defeated or out of control
  • You may not trust yourself to make proper decisions.

Love Red?

  • You feel powerful and in control.
  • You are energetic, ready to take on the world and have a high sex drive.
  • You are living your passion without fear!