Reconnect With Red this December!

December brings us colder weather here in Canada and the feeling of hibernating on the couch with a warm blanket and a hot chocolate. At the same time this month connects us to family gatherings, Christmas parties and a busy holiday season. Red is an excellent colour for support in December and is well used throughout the season in decorating, clothing and food. Red is not only brings us warmth, physical energy and stamina during this busy time, it is also the colour to connect us to our root family and our root chakra energy centre. Christmas and the holidays are a time when families reconnect. The root charka represents our age of 0-5 years old when family, survival needs and family love played a very important role in our lives. During Christmas, we are all brought back to the magical moments of the holidays as a child and many people reminisce about past experiences. Red connects us to this loving root energy.To connect to this feeling or if you are feeling tired and run down from the season, remember to wear the colour red, burn the scents of Patchouli and Sandlewood, have a red colour bath or wear jewellery with either a Tiger's Eye or Jasper stone to get the physical boost and the family connection from the red vibration.In addition, Red is the best color to help us fight colds and stimulate our circulatory system, especially when we have cold hands or cold feet.FYI - Red is also ideal for vegetarians. This red root chakra is the centre which governs our survival instincts, connecting us to the earth element and the knowledge that we exist here on earth. Red color energy is found in many foods such as tomatoes (known to help with preventing prostate cancer), beets (high in iron), strawberries, cherries, etc. The herbal correlation's with red are ginseng, echinacea, cayenne pepper, iron, goldenseal and ginger. Incorporate books that teach about the body, motivation, grounding, etc. Boost you vitality with some Red power today with a red color bath!