Outrageous Orange for October

Orange is a fantastic colour to remind you that everyone needs a balance of work and play. Think Halloween! What a better time to reach our inner child and play once again by dressing up in crazy costumes. The colour orange will help you to achieve that playfulness as Orange is a joyful, spontaneous colour that brings out the happiness in life. Orange eases anxieties and gets you in touch with your emotions. It has been excellent as an antidepressant. Many men who love to play, enjoy sex and have a great sense of humour use their orange energy from their spleen chakra to the fullest. Combining the Yellow and Orange energy helps everyone to stay happy, healthy and balanced between work and play.FYI - The carnelian gemstone and the metal copper can be used to help release negativity. Essential oils of Melissa, orange, neroli, angelica, lemongrass, and mandarin promote an uplifting and invigorating aroma. Imagine the power when added to an orange color bath together with happy music and a glass of carrot juice. Music that is orange color energy has the sounds of running water, thunderstorms or is a melody that has a bounce to it. Books that connect to the orange ray are to do with the emotions and tapping into your limitless potential. Enjoy the happiness!