Orange Colour Therapy = Sacral Chakra

Each colour of the rainbow corresponds to one of the 7 chakra centers. Each chakra center correlates to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Because thoughts and feelings are made up of energy, we also hold these positive and negative energies in the corresponding chakra. Therefore, if we have unhealthy thoughts and feelings, the chakra may become over active or under active which will create an imbalance. This can lead to health problems. We can use colour as “food for the soul”. By wearing, visualizing, eating, or painting in the colour we need, we can energetically support the chakra center, thereby, supporting our overall health.


  • Loves life
  • Adds joy and spontaneity to our lives


  • Child like behaviour
  • Creates humour
  • Loving
  • Sociable/entertaining


  • Removes inhibitions
  • Creates new ideas
  • Stimulating
  • Generous


  • Related to ages 5-12
  • High energy level
  • Health oriented
  • Eating habits – good & bad are part of this chakra
  • Connected to the sexual organs, aids fertility
  • Related to allergies and asthma

Negative Thoughts/Feelings:

1. It is not OK to express my true self
2. People will love and accept me unconditionally if I make them laugh
3. I will not have to accept responsibilities if I choose to never grow up
4. Life cannot be taken seriously
5. Commitment is scary

Imbalances – these beliefs over time can lead to:

1. Covering up true emotions
2. Lack of responsibility
3. Eating too much or too little
4. Addictions
5. Feeling trapped in a personal/professional relationship

Dislike Orange?

  • Your joy was taken away by trauma or excess responsibility between ages 5-12
  • You may feel physically exhausted and lazy
  • You may have financial difficulties
  • You may be scared of commitment
  • You may be using alcohol or drugs to help you cope with life
  • You may be emotionally unstable
  • You may be uncomfortable with your sexuality or have low sex drive

Love Orange?

  • May feel full of life
  • Love to act spontaneously
  • Enjoy a sense of humour
  • Have little inhibitions
  • Be full of energy!