Just Relax in July with Blue

July is a time that we all look forward to throughout the year. It represents summer vacation, relaxing in the garden, getting fresh air and enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature and wildlife all around us. It is only appropriate that Blue is the colour represented for July when it brings peace, relaxation, stress reduction and serenity to our body, mind and soul.

Blue is also the vibration of the Throat Chakra energy center aiding us in our communication in two ways - speaking from our emotional centre and our spiritual centre. Blue strengthens our ability to speak from our heart and voice our true feelings. When having difficulty speaking about your feelings, surround yourself in the blue energy. This will help you speak clearly and with love. Writing in a blue journal under the blue sky is beneficial. Blue also helps us to communicate with our spiritual angels and guides. Many of us forget to or feel uncomfortable communicating with the spirit world however, blue opens up our voice to ask for help from the Divine on the littlest or biggest issues in our life. By asking for help, we allow the spirit world to enter our lives and bless us with guidance and direction. Visualize the colour blue surrounding your body and swirling around your throat chakra. Take a blue colour bath and listen to relaxing music accompanied by soft chanting to strengthen your voice.

FYI - Blue is fantastic to use in a bedroom to calm the mind and bring serenity for bedtime. Use Blue sheets, pillow cases and pajamas for hyperactive children to create a quiet effect when rest is needed. Blue also can help ease the pain with headaches and migraines and reduce swelling. It is cooling to a fever. A hidden secret – Blue suppresses the appetite!

FYI - Physically, Blue helps regulate the hormones and the thyroid and reduces hyperactivity and stress. If piecing together a gift, select all blue items to help people appreciate the beauty in life! Combine the blue colour energy with geranium essential oil to help control insomnia and hormonal problems such as PMS, mood swings, swelling and menopause. Other blue energies are: chamomile and peppermint essential oils; evening primrose and thyme herbs; and foods such as blueberries, plums, bramble berries, asparagus, potatoes, white fish and Blue grapes. Sodalite and lapis lazuli gemstones provide the Blue colour energy frequency. Listen to soft music while enjoying a calming ocean blue colour bath.