Gorgeous Green for August

When August arrives everything in nature is bursting with Green! With color therapy healing, green heals the heart and teaches one to give love unconditionally. Green is the color of happiness, contentment, harmony and balance and it signifies peace and hope. Physically, Green frees the respiratory system from congestion and relaxes tired and sore muscles.

Start preparing to reap the benefits of what you have planted this past spring. Green represents prosperity and abundance on all levels. In life, we must create an energy flow of giving and receiving. The key to balancing this task is to learn how to give unconditional love back to you! Many people feel unworthy or guilty when accepting words and actions of kindness from others. Remember what you think and believe is what your energy projects. Green also represents transformation and growth so open up your heart and feel what life has to offer you.

To your green color bath, add a few drops of a nice soothing aromatherapy essential oil which correlates to nature such as pine, eucalyptus or tea tree essential oils. Play the music of birds and other nature sounds. Drink in the green energy of water to heal any tired bones or stiff muscles. Wear a green gemstone (aventurine, jade, etc.) over your heart chakra to give yourself the love you deserve. Nurture yourself in the loving green color energy and de-stress after a hectic day.