Colour Therapy Green = Heart Chakra

Each colour of the rainbow corresponds to one of the 7 chakra centers. Each chakra center correlates to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Because thoughts and feelings are made up of energy, we also hold these positive and negative energies in the corresponding chakra. Therefore, if we have unhealthy thoughts and feelings, the chakra may become over active or under active which will create an imbalance. This can lead to health problems. We can use colour as “food for the soul”. By wearing, visualizing, eating, or painting in the colour we need, we can energetically support the chakra center, thereby, supporting our overall health.



  • Unconditional love
  • Connects us to nature – God’s work
  • Associated with spring and new growth


  • Helps us in times of stress and anxiety
  • Gives us a feeling of comfort, calmness and balance
  • Shows empathy for others


  • In the past, green has represented the colour of prophets, the colour of Trinity and the Goddess of Love
  • Can help attract financial abundance in our life


  • Related to ages 18-29
  • Aids circulatory system
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Supports lungs, heart, arms, breasts
  • Helps us to breathe deeper and slower

Negative Thought/Feelings:

1. I must love and take care of others before I love and take care of myself
2. I am greedy if I take time for myself
3. I will burden people if I speak about my emotions or ask for help
4. Guilt is a natural, occurring feeling
5. I am worthless if I’m not helping someone or a situation

Imbalances – these beliefs over time can lead to:

1. Lack of self love
2. Being under constant emotional stress
3. Emotions being extreme in nature
4. Not trusting anyone
5. Physical ailments in the breast, lungs, arms and heart as well as weight gain

Dislike Green?

  • You may feel lonely
  • You may feel rejected
  • You may suffer with grief
  • As a child you possibly weren’t praised. You were put down for being who you are or what you said and did
  • Opening up emotionally is a difficult task for you
  • Honouring yourself, loving yourself and accepting your own emotions is a difficult thing to do
  • Do not feel as though you have a purpose in life

Love Green?

  • You love giving to others
  • You are a caring person for people and animals
  • You may be in need of some self love and time just for you
  • You enjoy the outdoors