Find Inner Peace with Indigo this January

In January, after all the excitement from the season has slowed down, we bring in the Indigo energy for reflection and to help us manifest new creations and experiences for the new year. We usually set achievable and unachievable goals for ourselves in January. Indigo helps us to look at these goals realistically. Indigo energy also connects us to our higher divine source helping us to let go of controlling our situations and allowing the universe to help direct us. With universal help, achieving any goal is possible! Just remember to ask your angels, guides, past loved ones and/or universal source to help guide you through this time. This will open the doors for you to create any positive experience you'd like to see happen in the new year. Look inside yourself in January. What would you like to change? What new adventures would you like to experience? It's time to get rid of negativity and allow all positive experiences to enter your life! While you are searching within, hold an amethyst stone in your hand, burn the scent of Lavender, sit in an Indigo colour bath or paint a picture in the beautiful Indigo colour and get inspired!FYI - Physically, indigo gives energy to the pineal gland, increasing sleep and dream activity and helps to dispel nightmares. It calms the nerves but stimulates the senses of sight, smell and hearing. Indigo also aids in cleansing the bloodstream and the lymphatic system. Indigo is ideal for meditation and strengthening intuition.