Should I be this happy to send the kids away? :)

Should I be this happy to send my kids away to Grandma’s for 5 days? Is it wrong to dance in the driveway as they are leaving – without them seeing this of course? Haha. Today my 12 year old and 6 year old are off to Grandma’s house 4 hours away and I’m sure I feel as though many other parents would feel after a full summer of entertaining kids. Now don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with my kids. We’ve done a ton of fun activities this summer from camping, cottaging, swimming, visiting family, going to Wonderland etc. etc. I’ve enjoyed every minute. However, there is an excitement to sending the kids away. Probably because as parents, we are so busy with life that we forget what it was like “before” kids. How did we spend our time?

So this morning I have a list of about 20 things I’d like to accomplish in 5 days. From putting up shelves, painting my bedroom, organizing the basement, unloading boxes left over from the move 2 years ago to working out, going for a swim in the pool alone and finding lots of quiet time to finish writing my book. What to do first?

I think I’ll go get dressed and walk the dog on this gorgeous Monday morning! Simplicity!
Enjoy your day everyone,