A MUST Read For Your Health!

You HAVE to get the book "The Perfect Gene Diet" by Pam MacDonald. She's a lady that worked in the medical world for years until her husband discovered he had heart disease. Long story short, she dove into researching and found that we have 13 different types of cholesterol and we all have a gene that carries that cholesterol. It's called the APO Gene. It's directly connected to not only the heart but to diabetes and Alzheimers . With understanding the type of diet that a person needs to be on due to the APO gene, we can cure these illnesses and more.Dr. Wayne Dyer, who I love, was diagnosed with Leukemia. After meeting Pam and figuring out his APO Gene, he was able to realize that he needed a healthy fat diet (he had been on a low fat diet for years). He started to include olive oils, avocados, peanut butter etc. into his diet and his Leukemia is healing. Each diet is specific to that person's APO gene so don't go jumping into eating peanut butter just yet! Dr. Wayne Dyer says that Pam saved his life. She has also worked with cancer patients. Pam, as she was guest appearing at the conference I'm at in San Jose, stated that if someone in our family has suffered with Alzheimers, there is a 84% chance in our life that we will contact that illness too. Well for me, my Grandmother suffered with Alzheimers. I believe that this is a book we should ALL read. It could save our lives.Let me know your thoughts!