Need a vacation?

Hey Everyone. Sorry it's taken so long for me to blog again. I was working every minute up till the last day before I left for vacation. I'm on an excursion from Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Francisco to San Jose. It all started around Brendon Burchard's conference happening in San Jose this March 17-20. I'm very excited about attending.While away, I realized just how much my husband and I needed a vacation. With work, kids, my son learning to manage epilepsy, the new puppy and more, we hadn't been away for a year. Now, I know that many of you will be saying, "A year! I haven't been away for 5 years!" So here's the thing...BOOK SOMETHING - anything! Marriages NEED vacations. Relationships need to be pampered. It's important to remember why you two came together. Just a few days together without the day to day responsibilities is crucial for keeping you relaxed, happy and motivated. If money is a problem, check your air miles for points. I use Starwood points to book my hotels for free. Enter all the contests you can find which would offer free trips as giveaways. Ask for a night at a hotel for your birthday or anniversary as your gift.Reconnect to you and your partner. If you can afford to take a big trip, then do. If you can't, I bet you can afford a night away for just one night. If that's still too much - here's an idea.When my husband and I were first married, my mother-in-law, as a gift, exchanged houses with us for a weekend. She came to take care of my son while we went to her house for the weekend. It cost nothing and we felt as though we were on vacation! I have great memories of that weekend. Who can you exchange with? Maybe you can take your friend's kids for a weekend as a gift and they can do the same for you.So no matter what your excuse, you can push those excuses aside and book some one on one time with your special loved one. Your relationship will thank you. Mine did!Take care everyone,Angela