Angel Pendant Meanings


Red garnet gemstone angel pendant

This radiant angel pendant radiates RED colour therapy to infuse you with passion, action and physical healing.  Your angels support you in moving forward and are always with you on your journey of healing.

Orange carnelian gemstone angel pendant

This lovely angel pendant embodies ORANGE colour therapy to lift your spirits in happiness and joy. Your angels encourage you to live in present moment and enjoy all of life’s blessings.



Yellow citrine gemstone angel pendant

This beautiful angel pendant supports you with YELLOW colour therapy to provide confidence, courage and positivity in life. Your angels know you can accomplish anything with a positive mindset.

green jade gemstone angel pendant

This gorgeous angel pendant provides GREEN colour therapy to assist you in emotional healing, life balance and love. Your angels nurture you every moment and will never leave your side.



blue lapis lazuli gemstone angel pendant

This bountiful angel pendant brings BLUE colour therapy to calm any stress, help you voice to others with love and remain authentic in all relationships. Your angels provide you with clear boundaries and loving words.

Indigo iolite gemstone angel pendant

This stunning angel pendant allows INDIGO colour therapy to assist you in seeking inner peace, angelic messages and an ability to see the bigger picture of a situation. Your angels are always happy to help in life; you just need to ask for their assistance.



violet amethyst gemstone angel pendant

This delightful angel pendant embraces VIOLET colour therapy to help you live your life purpose, find or connect with your soulmate and spark your creativity. Your angels surround you with divine guidance, spiritual awakening and guided direction. Keep the faith.

pink rose quartz gemstone angel pendant

This perfect angel pendant wraps PINK colour therapy around you for a universal hug. Your angels remind you to focus on self love and self care. When your heart is filled with love, your love and beauty will shine to the world.



White mother of pearl gemstone angel pendant

This enlightening angel pendant beams WHITE colour therapy to lighten your spirit, strengthen your faith and remind you of your soul’s purpose. Your angels sing your true essence and celebrate your time here on earth to leave your legacy.

 $10 of every Angel Pendant purchased goes to support Flip The Script. A program supporting people recovering from additions or who have been incarcerated. This program helps the participants find beauty in their pain, discover their soul’s purpose & message while finding self love all through developing & sharing their life story from the street to the stage.