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Living life colourfully…

What happens when you combine a love for colour, music, dance, people, travel, angels and personal development? You get ME!

Hi! I’m Angela. Not only an amazing mom of 2 wonderful children and a fun dog, but an entrepreneur who lives her passion supporting people in living life colourfully.

I truly believe in the power of detoxing our thoughts and feelings so that we can live life with more joy. It has been a mission of mine for 20+ years to make self help a fun process and a journey that will prove to be everlasting.

Healing and growing is never ending. Having worked through healing my own stories and developing courses, retreats, dances, products and more to help others do the same, I feel blessed every day to offer my clients a colourful way to embrace life and see beauty inside and out.

Join me on this colourful journey. Whether for your personal growth, happiness and development or for your business to create a WHOLEistic experience, I’m happy to offer you a colourful way to shift ideas, thoughts and feelings so you can live life colourfully.

Have a colourful day!